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Dead Elvis

Sightings Processed upto Sunday April 26, 1999

Reading, England
Name: Giles Elliot
When: This Morning
Circumstance: Elvis came in to a shop opposite my office and bought some bird seed. It was definately him, he looked really old, I dunno how old he should be but he looked late sixties-ish

Possum Creek, N.C.
Name: Goober Simmons
When: Last Sunday I reckon.
Circumstance: I saw Elvis at the Pig Holler General Store. He was buyin' some donuts and beer. He looked kinda fat and had some baldin' on the top of his head. He had on this soiled white jump suit and drove a dumpy powder blue '68 Cadillac.

At our local Tesco`s
Name: Harry Price
When: Thursday Feb 4 at about 3am
Circumstance: Now there`s 24 hour opening for supermarkets, you see a lot of interesting people. The King was definitely buying some salami at the deli counter.

Peterborough Ontario
Name: Huckleberry Slim
When: January 28
Circumstance: It's getting near Valentines day and I saw Elvis getting some cinnamon hearts at Loblaws. I went up to him and said "Hey, are you Elvis?" he looked at me and said "Sure I am sweet sugar babe" and then he gave me a kiss and a cinnamon heart. How romantic! Aaawwww what a sweetie!

A little town in upstate New York
Name: I can't remeber how to spell it.
When: oh I'd say about a week or 2 ago
Circumstance: I saw him yes I did with my very own eyes. Although I did forget my glasses that day, but well I think it was him he was wearing what looked to be blue suede shoes. Well they were at least blue. But he had a beer I am sure about that one and a little green friend about 4 feet tall, possibly from Mars.

Outside cheese harvester
Name: Ian McKeown
When: 02-02-99
Circumstance: I have never seen such a man as Elvis, my man, tho one and only. Elvis alive buddy. Seen him by the cheese harvester, gots him good. Prety boy, pretty boy ok. He wearing a mackintosh, by the harvester, chheese. Cheese. Seen him, ok.

Burger King
Name: Jeeves Rivera
When: 12/21/98
Circumstance: It was totally wierd!!He bought a Whopper and King Sized Fries!!He stopped to look at me.He said "Hey baby!" I was scared and happy at the same time!He still lives!!!!!

At the tile store
Name: Jeneanne
When: February 11, 1999
Circumstance: My mother dragged me with her to look at new tiles for the bathroom, and we were just standing around when all of a sudden, HE appeared!!! He was very old looking, and he had this big leather jacket that had a pic of him on the back. I found it quite odd, because I didnt think that HE would be walking around casually in those noticable clothes.

Red Flame (cross-dressing bar)
Name: jenn-karyn-caroline
When: last month jan 23,1999
Circumstance: we walked in and there he was dancing to "Lady in Red". we realiuzed it was him and ran up to him and tore his clothes off we couldnt believe it--and we had all the proof we needed- he had the same exact baby scar right above his belly button from when he was a child , he fell out of a tree... it was scary and exciting!! Then we went back to the dance floor and he was gone!

Name: Jessie
When: Now
Circumstance: Are you people for real????Do you really think you have seen Elvis you really got a problem!He was and still are the king but hes dead,ok!

Hollywood, California
Name: Jim Benson
When: Jan. 6. 1999
Circumstance: I saw Elvis in Hollywood with actor George Vreeland Hill. They were planning a birthday party for a couple of days later and having a good laugh about it. I saw this. but they did not know I was there. I walked out the back door thinking, WOW, Elvis is alive.

Name: Jim Morrison
When: soon
Circumstance: He's living with me and Amerlia Erheart and Howard Hughes here in Argentina.

Name: Jimi H
Circumstance: I was driving by the gateshead angel and the and the 80 foot statue was now of elvis!!!! Who's that at the dorr get away it's him again ahhhhhh help help it's those voices there telling me to ahhhhh......

Name: Jimi Hendrix
When: 13th Jan 1999
Circumstance: Dead 22 years, horrible to touch, a disgusting sight. But enough about my big mac, I'm sure I saw Elvis in McDonalds in London. Or was it Flo-Jo?

Name: Gabbie
When: today
Circumstance: I think that Elvis deserves our respect, He was the King and He will be the king forever, so please do not make fun of him, he has to live in our hearts, so please stop. Love him and respect him even though he is dead.

Name: joanna king
When: 02-07-99
Circumstance: I think that i am the most blessed person in the whole entire world! The actual Elvis Presley is reincarnated in my dog! His name is name is Hound and he loves listening to the song "Ain't nothing but a Hound Dog!" He can bark the notes and he has great side burns! Elvis lives on!!!!!

Ipoh, Jaya Jusco
Name: Johnny Paul
When: 2 or 3 weeks ago (monday)
Circumstance: I saw Elvis , he's ever younger and handsomer. He's "The POP KING" Elvis's alive yeahhhhhhhh

Laredo, Texas
Name: Joseph Dunivant
When: yesterday
Circumstance: He was in our gym during our last block and we decided to play a game. He was on my team and he sure does have a nice jump shot. Many people will never believe it, but my 4 friends and I will never forget it!

Biloxi Mississippi
Name: June Philliphs
When: Last summer
Circumstance: While visiting my sister who lives in Biloxi Ms. We decided to go to Bombay bicyle club On karoke night, while there a man dressed in black in a black suite, got up and rocked the house. He sang 2 elvis songs and his hair was black with grey streaks later I talked with him, and he told me he was going to do a recording in Glade water Tx. in 1999.He was worried about his appearence he kept asking me if he sounded good, or did he have a young or old voice He was nervous because he kept fidgeting with his rings, and pulling at his collar out of a nervous habit.Something about a song called shades of blue and a song about angels not crying.He was very nice to me and I kept telling him I wasnt ever an elvis fan,but now I can be,he said honey thats alright. He looked good except he was overweight and his nose was not the stright roman nose, in the pictures, he told me that he had a motorcycle wreak. He had wrinkles in his face,He said he was impersonating himself all over the country, he missed his fans and that he wanted one day to come out in song with an apology by the year 2000 anyway. He slipped out and Iv never seen him again, Iv asked about this strange man who rocked the house ocassionally on karoke nights they told me he had moved away to Texas.

On the Dead Elvis web site
Name: Karen
When: Just now, as I write this-Februrary 1,1999
Circumstance: Elvis appeared to me as I was scrolling thru this site. His face took over the entire screen. I was schocked and amazed! Then he said, "Hey baby, wanna cyber?" The rest my friends, is private!

Name: Kenneth "Elvis" Rogers
When: December 12,1998 12:00p.m.
Circumstance: Well,I was watching t.v. and he appeared out of nowhere and he said "I broke out of the jail house rock"!!!!

Name: Kenneth "Elvis" Rogers
When: December 12,1998 12:00p.m.
Circumstance: Well,I was watching t.v. and he appeared out of nowhere and he said "I broke out of the jail house rock"!!!!

Manchester (England)
Name: Kevin Moran
When: January 25th
Circumstance: Whilst walking down Oxford road near the town centre with my Italian tutor Felicity we both suddenly heard singing which seemed to be coming from an open window close by.We were mesmerised by the angelic singing so went to investigate further.As we got closer the singing suddenly stopped and a figure came to the window making sure he remained partially hidden by the curtain He looked straight at us and gave us his recognisable smile before turning around and disapearing back into the shadows.Since that day we have never heard the singing again but we are both certain that on that day we were visited by the king himself.

My CrAzY LiTtLe ToWn
Name: KoKoLaKaTiE
When: On TuEsDaY
Circumstance: He got aressed and he was getting fingerprinted at the police station. I think it was him anyways.

At Graceland
Name: Kristy
When: Jan. 30
Circumstance: I saw Elvis at his house in Graceland. Do you know how they keep the upstairs closed off? Well I really believe that he is still living upstairs of Graceland. I was looking closely up the stairs when a movement in the curtains occured. I saw him with his dark hair and his sideburns. We made eye contact! He is still alive!!!!

Portsmouth, HMS Victory
Name: Lee
When: 22nd February 1999
Circumstance: I was looking at the rigging when Elvis appeared on the Heads. He looked mighty fine. I tried to talk to him but a crowd of tourists passed between us and by the time I had got around them he had gone.

Name: LEN
When: FEB. 16, 1999
Circumstance: He's very old now & it shows, however the king and I sat down at "TIM HORTONS" and talked about his secret life since he vanished in 1977. I can't give details, (I made him that promise), but he's enjoyed the quiet peaceful time to himself.

Name: lena smittfh
When: january 7
Circumstance: it was so crazy i was sitting in my rocker and i heard somthin in the woods behind my house, and i called for my husband frank and he said aww its the gophers, but this was no gopher it came out and i yelled to my hubby to get his shot gun but he didnt listen so i sat in silence and elvis came out of the bushes in a jumpsuit and i almost died he was siging love me tender and i said elvis he said yeah little lady i just said nothing and he said well elvis must leave the woods love ya all

Name: linnette
When: 1988
Circumstance: after the concert, I was thinking about what happenned to him, and then I saw him driving the car I took

Behind me on Interstate 70
Name: Linsey Shank
When: March 9, 1999
Circumstance: Circumstances: I was driving my friends Diane and Amanda to Indianapolis to go shopping and I look in my rearview mirror and I see "THE KING"! I changed lanes and let him get in front of me so I could follow him but my car ran out of gas before his did.

New York City
Name: Mark Heter
When: December 10, 1998
Circumstance: I spotted Elvis digging into a double order of falafel at one of the stands on Seventh Avenue between 34th and 39th Streets. No jumpsuit, but the blue-black hair was pretty unmistakable. I didn't approahc him, but he looked pretty happy with the food.

cold springs,nv
Name: Mike Lee
When: jan 1, 1999
Circumstance: we saw him fliipin' burgers and peanut butter and bananarama sandwiches at bordertown.

on my lawn
Name: Mr. Man
When: today
Circumstance: I was watering my tuplips this morning and I heard a girlish scream followed by wimpy wimpering. I spun around to find Elvis Presley lying on the sidewalk, He had just fell off his bike

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