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Dead Elvis

Dead Elvis
Yep, I get around. Maybe more now that I'm dead than when I was alive. I am, however, starting to get the impression that some folks are confusing me with some other dead rock & roll singer dude. As my friend Gorebag (who is so dead that he's alive) is apt to say: "So far so goo...." So I guess I'll shine on the obvious mistaken identity for the moment. However, if they start forwarding his old debts to me I'll have to do something about the confusion.

Here's da proof. And as we all know -- "Pictures don't lie." Here are some rather candid shots of me (Dead Elvis) shot in a few out of the way places.

Princess Di Sightings
Princess Di has been sighted. I don't consider this page frivolous or in bad taste. Her sightings are being held in respect. From time to time a sighting may be posted that is suspicious. Some submissions are obvious trash and end up on the cyber cutting room floor. Other postings are not so easy to filter. Rather than trample a heartfelt submission I may err on the side compassion by giving the poster the benefit of the doubt. If I include some sightings that you have a problem with, get over it. As my friend Dead Jimi (no resemblance to the incredible guitar player of the 60s) is apt to say: "I'm dead and you're not -- so get a life."

Mother Teresa Sightings
Mother Teresa has been sighted -- at least once or twice. If you have a problem with this page see above.

Mrs. Olsen Sightings
Do you recall the ever-present, ever-intrusive coffee matron of the 60s? Well, I'd thought we were done with her shenanigans until I was beset by a recent plague of Mrs. Olsen sightings.

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