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Grail Hunt.
Dead Elvis has set aside his articles on Video Gaming (just for the moment) to explore another topic of interest to those on the other side -- The Hunt for the Grail. Check it out if you feel so inclined.
Show me whom's.
Sandwich Sign Guy #5

Size does matter...
Borrowed My Lips?
Dead Elvis in a Game

If you check out the new 3D Active Video game by Galaxy Games Exploding Lips you will see a set of lips from yours truly as been donated to the project.

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Give me ambivalence...
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Time waits for no man...
Wake Me Up Dead-Man?
A Friendly Question

I think it may be okay to call up the dead, every now and then. But I doubt you can expect much from them. What do you think?

If you expect beer from a cow you are headed for disappointment. If on the otherhand you were maybe expecting milk then things just might work out. Provided, of course, you have a cow not a steer nor a bull.  Not all four-footed, leather-covered animals that go "mmoooo" are cows.
Your Pal,
Dead Elvis

Sandwich Sign Guy #2

We've heard about neutrinos...
On the job advice.
Sandwich Sign Guy This first of the Sandwich Sign Guy cartoons was inspired by a quote from Auntie Matter.

Jesus is Coming, Look Busy
Thursday, Jan 14th, 1999
A Bum Yep, I saw a bum sitting on a stoop with the following sign "Help! I am gonna reincarnate. Please give what you can.
Wednesday, Jan 13th, 1999
Marketing You can always sell a ladder. But, you can't even give away a bucket and sponge.
Wednesday, Jan 6th, 1999
A Question Is it better to have lived and died than to never have lived at all?
Monday, Nov 30th, 1998
A reader's plea Dead Elvis, When in the heck are you going to update the sighings page?Done. Sorry for the time away. I was in some nether regions of the Labyrinth and just didn't do it for far too long. Will try to do at least weekly in the future. Your dead pal, D.E.
Monday, Nov 30th, 1998
A reader's question Dead Elvis, Is there life after death? Not unless there is life before death.
Thursday, Nov 19th, 1998
I am not a band. Contrary to rumors that have been circulating of recent, I am not a band, and I have not worked as an opening act for the Romones. The band Dead Elvis is not me. Although I may be schizophrenic and an XL in t-shirt size, I'm not a musical group.
Thursday, Nov 12th, 1998
Say What? You can't dig yourself out of a hole if digging is the hole.
Thursday, Nov 6th, 1998
A Hoax is a Hoax is a Hoax This is captured for your edification from IBM's AntiVirus Online: A new hoax is making its way around the Internet, posing as a virus alert. This latest twist on the "Join the Crew" hoax includes many of the hoax heuristics you can read about in "Hypes and Hoaxes". It claims to warn you of a "new, very malicious virus" and asks you to spread the news to as many people as you can. It references the "RETURNED MAIL" hoax as well, claiming that it will "attach itself to your computer components" and "render them useless". Sources of authority are quoted as well.

This hoax claims "If you receive an e-mail titled "WIN A HOLIDAY" DO NOT open it, it will erase everything on your hard drive. Forward this letter out to as many people as you can."

This message is a hoax. There is no chance to win a vacation; there is no such virus; and there is no reason to pass this message on to as many people as you can. As with all hoaxes, the best thing you can do is to delete it and forget about it.

Thursday, Oct 29th, 1998
Say What? You can't wait until you are able to work to deveope the desire to work.
Monday, Oct 19th, 1998
Off Into The Woulds A friend asked me "Would you help me put up a website?" Another friend asked "Would you help me on a perl script?" Another friend asked "Would you help out on a script treatment?" So I've been lost in the woulds. I hope to have word about the website soon. The perl script went well. And, the script treatment is secret so forget trying to bribe me.....well, don't forget it completely just think hard about how much money you offer so we don't have to haggle too much.
Monday, Sep 21th, 1998
WorkShop Went Well The "What is a Game" workshop went well. Sometime this week I'd like to pass on what we learned about 'activating factors'. If you'd like to do a little prestudy check out the material at Xxaxx's Just Because Club. I'll be posting our findings on the "Dead Elvis Talks Out on the Just Because Club".
Monday, Sep 14th, 1998
Even More on Video Games In the "Video Games and Their Effect on Dead People" Section has been added even more new articles.
Saturday, Sep 5th, 1998
More on Video Games In the "Video Games and Their Effect on Dead People" Section has been added several new articles.
Friday, Sep 4st, 1998
Check this out Here's what yours truly sent off to Sinbad today at his ShoutOut to Sinbad website:

They are now attacking President Clinton for flaunting his s*xual behavior in front of American. Hey, the man spent a year making every effort to keep it a secret. Clinton is no "kiss and tell". He's a "kiss, try and keep it secret and get investigated for your troubles" kind of guy. I think Clinton needs to get himself some new spin doctors.

I sent this with the hope that he would steal the idea for his monologue. Was watching the news and overheard some Democratic Senators rattling on about how bad it was for Clinton to be parading his sex life in front of the American public (hushed tones) including youths (end hushed tones). Fact is the poor guy is being hung out to dry because he was trying to not have his sex life paraded in front of the American public.

You know I don't mind so much the fact that these two-faced scum-balls (my apology to any aquatic pond slime reading this for the comparison) are nailing Clinton for something that not only did he not initiate he fought with vigor. Nope. What I really mind is the utter disdain in which they hold the American people to think they can get away with this garbage. And what really really ticks me off is that they may be right and the American public may swallow this swill.

So I wrote to Sinbad hoping he would steal the material for a routine. Hey Leno! Give me your email address and I'll send the next material to youse.

Wednesday, Sep 2st, 1998
Greed Chokes As some of you may know, I have a column at Newbie dot Org called "Dead Elvis Sitings" (pun intended). Recently I was told of a website that deserves siting -- but not for excellence. I didn't want to put it in the Newbie dot Org Sitings because it's not exactly PG rated. And besides that column is for good websites. If you are interested in what the article would have looked like if it were posted you can check it out here. Dead Elvis Sitings Bloopers & Out-takes.
Tuesday, Sep 1st, 1998
And You Thought You Were Forgetful? This in from AM News Abuse - Cash-strapped Thailand's Auditor General discovered a 16-year-old forgotten and overlooked Thai bank account at the U.S. Federal Reserve containing over a third of a billion dollars - $367 million.

I wonder who was collecting the interest on that big boy?

Tuesday, Sep 1st, 1998
Does the Internet Make You Sad? Surfing the Internet could damage your mental health, says a new American study. The research from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh suggests that hours devoted to surfing the Net can increase depression and loneliness and weaken family ties. It is thought to be one the most comprehensive surveys of Internet usage and its social impact to date but what do you think of its verdict?

That was the question posed by the BBC at Here is Dead Elvis's contribution to the rather interesting assemblage of reader comments:

I can see how surfing the web might make one sad. When I was younger I thought that maybe in those parts of the world that I have not had a chance to get to yet there would be people that weren't greedy self-promoting little weasels (which reminds me, I do have a website ya know under

But getting back to my point. In surfing the web I discovered the planet was blanketed in a kind of scum composed of low life vermin that seemed to actually enjoy the porn and mindless garbage that passed for entertainmenet.

But then I discovered the pick-pocket syndome -- when a pick-pocket meets a wise-man all he sees is the pockets. When I started browsing deliberately and with will only into those areas of the web that I wanted to explore I started meeting an extrodinaire class of people. Generous and friendly and full of life. Strange thing is they couldn't be found in the gutter. I had to look elsewhere to find folks worth finding.

Maybe the above study has more to say about their selection protocol then their results. But hey, who wants to confront the fact that maybe their being attracts their life.

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