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Grail Hunt -- Part 1

Hiding the Grail

If you want to hide the Grail from yourself don't put it in a closet or under the sink. If you do, in all probability you'll stumble across it and there you go -- it'll be found. Count on eventually going everywhere there is to go. Hence there is no out-of-sight hiding place safe to squirrel away the Grail. That doesn't mean there isn't a safe hiding place to hide the Grail. As a matter of fact, there is one very safe hiding place where you've had the Grail hidden for a very long time -- in sight, right under your nose in plain view. It was easy to hide the Grail, all you had to do was re-label the Grail as not-Grail. Then make if so familiar that you'd continue to dismiss it as unimportant -- cheap as dirt -- forever.

Familiarity breeds more than contempt. It can foster forgetfulness, apathy, and a score of other mechanisms all designed to move items out of the category of "hot" -- requiring attention -- into the category of familiar -- not requiring attention. That is what biology does. Biology is terribly efficient and it begrudges every bit of energy wasted on items which don't require immediate attention. Biology would much prefer reserving attention for important things like potential mates, food, and stuff that might kill. What is good for the propagation of the genome is good for the species. That is how it's been in the biosphere since the beginning.

Seems like "seekers after truth" are doomed even before the search for the Grail begins. Well, they are doomed to failure if they're just biology. And that, by the way, would be a good thing.

For those unremittingly identified with the machine the Grail has no function -- it is worthless, at best. The only way in which the Grail could serve the machine would be to redefine Grail as an alias (a nom d'sleep) for sex, food, or danger. Come to think of it that has happened on more than a few occasions.

For those who manage to escape the all consuming identification with the machine (at least periodically) the hunt for the Grail is an all important goal. And, fortunately for those souls doomed by their own partial awakening to hunt for the Grail, their own periodic awakening is their best tool. On those occasion whether it be through special application of attention and presence, or the influence of willy-nilly factors, there is a chance to look with eyes not totally dominated by the search for potential mates, food, or danger.

To make use of these periodic opportunities one should deconstruct the overwhelming draw of sex, food, and danger; and develop some type of game plan however tentative it might be.

If we accept the premise "that it's best to hide the Grail in plain sight," then we can conclude that hunting in strange and unusual places isn't necessary. Such a hunt would be far better served by looking in common and familiar places as if they were strange and unusual.

The Grail is here with us now. We've labeled it as not-Grail and made it so familiar that we dismiss it and move on to the next possibility during each and every search.

Do let us know if you find this subject of interest.

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