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Sunday, December 12, 1999:

Recall, Recollection, Reconnection

Have you ever been in the situation where you almost remembered something? It's right there, just on the tip of the brain. You can almost get it. But not quite.

How about when you wake in the morning from a dream? You can remember that you were dreaming but you can only almost remember the dream. Then as soon as you remember one part of the dream whole segments come streaming back in.

In a movie every time the main character suffers from amnesia the doctor recommends that the victim be put into familiar surroundings so that perhaps his or her memory can be simulated.

But what if you are trying to recall something which is from another realm -- such as the aforementioned dream, or perhaps even something from an entirely different dimension? In this case how can you put yourself in "familiar surroundings"? There are answers to this. One answer, the answer most related to "Effects of Video Games on the Dead" is.... video games. But then you probably guessed that from the title of this piece. At least I hope you were able to hold the thread of consciousness long enough to carry that association forward from the top of the page to this middle part. But that's another topic for another time. For the moment we are exploring the use of video games as a source of familiar surroundings.

Consider the plight of Tibetan students who would spend years and years learning the techniques of visualization just so they may visualize the familiar surroundings of the Bardos. We live in a time that affords us a wonderful opportunity. We can use the advent of computers and software to explore alternate spaces without the expenditure of decades perfecting the art of yantra. But you say, learning the art of yantra had many other benefits. Okay, here's the deal. In order to learn the art of yantra reincarnate into Tibet sixty or seventy years ago -- before the pesky Chinese made such a mess of it. But while you are incarnated here in this time make use of the tools available in this time. Cook in the kitchen, wash in the bathroom. These are simple concepts folks. So, while you are living in this brief time period in which cyber-space is so available use it. And use it wisely.

In ancient Tibet the rough road to visualization and the hardships of learning such a skill kept the dilettantes and mastrabators off the path. The secret was protected by the dual guardians of "Why Bother?" and "It's Too Tough". Guess what folks even though we have found a way to circumvent the decades of visualization training the secret still keeps itself. In fact the same two guardians are still hard at work.

"Why Bother?" It's just a stupid video game. What could I possibly learning playing a video game that will be of any benefit to my spiritual growth? The idea is ridiculous. If it had any value Crowley, or Gurdjieff, or Krishnamurti, or Buddha, or Yogananda, or Hazrat Inyat Khan, or this one, or that one, etc., and etc. would have used it. Yep they would have if it had been available. However, don't let me dissuade you from being brushed off the path by the guardian "Why Bother?" I couldn't agree with you more, why bother? It's pointless and a definite waste of your time. But then again if you are aching with an almost-remembered piece of another realm you have my pity, sympathy and suggestion to not be dissuaded without giving it a thorough test yourself. Personal experience, personally experienced. Good formula.

But what about that other guardian "It's Too Tough"? If you had to rediscover the technology yourself it would be too tough. Fortunately E.J. Gold has devoted a great part of his Work Life this incarnation in the development of Bardo Gaming for spiritual growth. This technology along with the help from fellow travelers on the cyber-path will help each and everyone of us get over the worst of the speed bumps and pot-holes. At least that is the hope and wish.

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