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Wednesday, August 5, 1998:

Once a signal makes it past the data receptors (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin, etc.) into the processing network of the body the processing network can not tell whether the incoming information is from a "virtual" or "real" input source. There is no difference. This is how the subtle brain works. The "beta" brain may know that the virtual input is not "real" and discount it. This does not stop the deep processing functions from accepting the input as real and acting accordingly.

This can be used to your advantage.

In "virtual" reality it is possible to simulate the shocking ambushes of the bardos without the expense and mess that this would normally require in "real" life.

This affords us a great opportunity. Now we can use simulations of the bardos to run-out situations that would normally be unavailable to us for controlled experimentation and training. This work, like any activity under the descriptive title of "work", requires persistance and intentional effort.

One has the option of committing themselves to doing this training out of faith or conviction. Acting from faith might be nice. But then again, why rely on faith when it's possible to experience results for yourself that will give you the "proof-in-the-pudding" that will allow you to have personal conviction from personal experience personally experienced?

This is possible.

There are simple, do-it-yourself type activities, that you can do, that will give you this experience. Then you can know for yourself without relying upon rumors or rumors of rumors. That's the kind of arrangement I like.

The G.O.D.D. Development Team has created a body of work dedicated to this type of training. The trainings are free and will be made available for download off the internet. You don't need to come to this or any other workshop in order to gain access to the raw material. This we are making available as rapidly as we can.

However, and this is a major however, the thing we can not make available for download off the internet are the activating factors that can catalyze your experiments and trainings transforming them from "mostly harmless" to mostly "efficacious." Isn't that a great word? Efficacious. Roll it around the tongue a moment. Having effect, being effective, able to cause change. 

Some how, some way, some time or other, if you are to do bardo training you will need to find a way of gathering the activating factors in one form or another. Why? Because, without the initiatory "activating factors" your efforts will simply not be as efficacious. There's that word again.

Fortunately there are many ways these factors can be gathered. For the moment all that's required is directed attention and persistance of will. That's not asking much is it? ;-)

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