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In the final analysis you're caught in a catch 22. The more you worry and fret about your situation the more impossible it is to climb out from the nonexistant hole in which you find yourself inexorably stuck.

Your choices? Well, there is always the koan nature of the previous paragraph in which you could lose yourself for a while. Or, perhaps you'd like to get on with your work.

How do you get on with your work? Can't really help you there. Just a few moments before you came into this mess called incarnation you knew what your intention was. Now it's up to you to re-call that intention. Much like you'd call a sheep dog who has wondered a bit too far over the hill. Allegory or not it's still your job to figure out what your work is. However, if you're looking for a few good suggestions on where to look....? Then perhaps good ol' Dead E. can help.

Service to others (without saccharin sentimentally) is one place to look. And one rather interesting form of this is to find a small thing that is large for another and help them accomplish that.

For example, Dead E. has a rather hard time getting on the phone and calling the IRS. Even dead the IRS still gives me pause. A friend who happens to perceive calling the IRS to be a small thing got on the phone the other day and helped moi through the necessary verbal challenge. From their perspective this was a small thing. For me it was a thing larger enough to put off for several years weighing like a stone of apprehension.

Perhaps you know someone who for reasons of physical disability can not work in a standard 9-5. Perhaps for you selling online in such venues as EBay or IndieAuctions is a small, easy-to-confront prospect. Well, maybe you could take the few steps necessary to help this aforementioned individual get online and selling. The first click of a computer mouse is a large step for someone unfamiliar. To the veteran it's hard to even remember there was a time this was large.

This isn't such a major esoteric secret. But it's a place to start -- especially if you're sitting at the bottom of a nonexistant hole.

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