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WallMark Death Greeting Cards

Sample Card:

For those special friends living in New York:


Heard you have a new flat.


Too bad it's your boy friend,
And not an apartment.


Thanks to Amber M. for this card:

A family of a murdered Celebrity


From their name in lights to their name etched in stone.


If you don't know what to do with the inheritence just call me on the phone!


Thanks to RockHudsonIsDeadToo for this card:

To the spouses of the Challenger space-shuttle crew


NASA and the American people are dismayed over this accident and we will do our outmost in trying to prevent such an incident from occuring in the future.


Oh by the way - we've decided to wave the usual $50 cremation fee.


Thanks to Caroline Dorough for this card:

To the fans of the Backstreet Boys if Brian Littrell died


We were sorry to see him go, he was a living work of art...


But it seems theat God just couldn't "Quit Playin' Games with his heart."


Thanks to Cowboy X for this card:

cowboy philosophizin' to a departed friend


I was settin' on my hoss by your tombstone and I got to thinkin about the grass it was eatin, thatwas growin' over your grave. Like the circle aint never unbroken with you rottin' away and givin life to that grass. I take a look back behind me 'cause seems my hoss stopped to relieve himself and I see that big black roadapple lying on the ground....


You haven't changed much pardner.


Thanks to mark mullins for this card:

the widow of a couch potato


with deepest sympathy in the loss of your spouse


by the way, we're redecorating, what are your plans for the recliner?


Thanks to secretfreak for this card:

to a widow


our deepest sympathy on your husbands heart attack


and we hope the babysitter is doing better too.


Thanks to Edver E. for this card:

A card for the parents of the deceased office boss


my sincerest condolence...


....p.s. We're all sorry about the giggling at the funeral.


Thanks to HECKLER for this card:

Best friend after his girlfriend dies


Im very sorry to hear about your girlfriends untimely demise...


I'll especially miss her on your bowling night.


Thanks to K.C. for this card:

This if From K.C.


My deepest sympathy, On the loss of your Beloved boyfriend.


By the way, you doing anything Friday night?


Thanks to Larry Durchenwald for this card:

Inside of graduation card.


Class of 1999


We knew you could do it! You have accomplished a lot. Congratulations!.. Who could have figured the final was just not getting shot!


Thanks to Linzi for this card:

On the death of the Backstreet Boys


Im really sorry about your loss....


I guess the New Kids On The Block will be getting a new record deal after all!!


Thanks to Road Dogg for this card:



Congrats on your move to that little shady spot under the oak tree. Now you'll be able to lay back and take the time to smell the flowers growing.


Too bad you'll be pushing them up.


Thanks to Ronnie Couch for this card:

To a mother after the loss of a son


Sorry to hear of your loss.


Can you still claim him on this years taxes??


Thanks to ScrawnyChick for this card:

Sympathy Card to a Friend:


Sorry to here about the recent death of your parents.


How much was their policy worth? (when do you get the check)


Thanks to Piet for this card:

To the family of one executed by the state in the electric chair:


In this time of grieving
may we offer you a small
ray of sunshine--


As he crossed over
there was a real
in his eyes!


Thanks to Connie for this card:

A card for most anyone:


A hunk of burning love,
Desire -- boundless,
If you ever get over her,
Who will be the blessed dove to receive your fountain?
Don't worry about breaking a heart,
that was done long ago,
Just enjoy the good times and know that you're Mr Mojo....


It's a bitter sweet symphony.........that's life......


Thanks to Mike for this card:

To the family of a grandmother:


Sorry to hear about your grandmother


We didnt think she'd ever go. --- signed, the hospital staff


Thanks to Mike for this card:

To the parents of Hanson (if they died):


With deepest sympathy upon the loss of your sons


Who am i kidding?


Thanks to Susan for this card:

To the surviving "ex-spouse", when suicide occurs after the final divorce:


We always suspected that you'd be better off without him...


Pity the bastard couldn't have
killed himself BEFORE
when you were in a position
to inherit.


Thanks to Claude Needham for this card:

A card for your friends that believe in reincarnation:


Here today


Hare tomorrow.


Thanks to Dark Camel (aka Tom) for this card:

A card for the grieving widow:


My prayers go out to you and your family during this time of great loss.


Not to change the subject, but that rat bastard dead husband of yours owes me 50 bucks! (A check will be fine.)


Thanks to Mr. Anonymous for this card:

A card for Mother of son(s) killed in war:


In a time of great loss
It seems our lives are wrecked
but your children went off to the trenches...


What the hell did you expect?


Thanks to A MADD Ms. Anonymous for this card:

A card for Surviving family of loved ones killed by drunk driver:


Our deepest sympathies.

(Inside) least the other guy is okay.


Thanks to Joan. A. for this card:

A card for those whose Grandparents have large estates:


Life blooms like the flower
Whose petals one day blow
Our sympathies go out to you and yours


One down, one to go.


Thanks to Fred J. for this card:

A card for girlfriend of the deceased:


My deepest sympathy,
On the loss of your
Beloved boyfriend.


By the way, you doing anything Friday night?


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