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Dead Elvis
Dear Dead Elvis,

I'm pretty sure that WWW won't like the name Puddles. She has probably read what you wrote by now, and is planning something terrible. 

By the way, I'd like to find out what the Sufi implications of water are, since I don't know. Probably the Wicked Witch in question knows, or at least she looks at me strangely like she does, but then she says, well, they're probably either childish or possibly X-rated, depending on one's viewpoint of Sufis. Please understand I'm from the midwest. It's terribly conservative there. Things are easily misunderstood. Of course, it's terribly conservative in Sufi countries as well.

If it's not too strange, I wouldn't mind finding out about the the Sufi implications of water. Maybe they're totally harmless--like the way Catholics and Baptists think...or kids at the swimming pool and creek. Or just it being an old fashioned element, like back in the days of alchemy--that type of thing.  Is there such a thing as a Sufi encyclopedia?

Also, please be as kind as possible to the Wicked Witch of the West. I've checked her astrological chart, and she hasn't got any fire in it at all, except for one planet which isn't even very personal--Uranus, I believe it was, more a planet responsible for quite a few kids born in her generation, just like some of the other outer-type planets are--and that particular planet is in a fire-sign--the Lion (Leo). But that's it! Other than this, she's fireless! It must be really horrible for her, especially since she's an expert, an absolute expert, in the area of fire, war, explosives, guns, weapons of all kinds--everything from your basic campfire all the way to dynamite and Hydrogen bombs. She knows all of I wouldn't go around calling her Puddles...

That water thing...everyone has a weakness--an Achilles heel, I believe it's called.

Also, I've never heard of any bucket of water anywhere in the universe that can put out Hydrogen bombs once they get going. So do be careful. 

All the Best,
Dead Dorothy

(by the way, I caught her playing a Medic in Quake, so there is more reason to be concerned than just bombs. However, she hates, absolutely hates, all forms of nerve poisons. She learns about them strictly as a form of defense for herself and for the wildlife she cherishes. (And by nerve poison, I'm not referring to fun things like coffee or heroin or stuff like that--I'm talking about Raid, and weed killers and stuff that goes after insects, or poisons food--that kind of thing. That's the kind of thing that will definitely infuriate her. Just a basic kind of warning, I guess.)

Dear Dead Dorothy,

Given that I'm dead and it was the other guy that was a rock and roll star, you should take my advice with a grain of salt. Or, instead of a grain of salt, maybe a little sweat from your own efforts to uncover as much directly as you can.

For what it's worth here is my understanding of water.

Water is a metaphor for emotions. I have seen it used in context that hint maybe it is standard emotions of the reactive sort. And, I have seen it used in context that might indicate the author was referring to emotions of the higher bodies. I believe that WWW's vulnerability to water is an allegory for her need to avoid the reactive lower emotions and wish to bathe in the objective higher emotions.

In either case it made for an easy effective special effect in the movie. A bucket of water is cheap -- no fire insurance problems. And to make her melt was a simple stage trapdoor. All in all very effective. Signed,
Your Pal Dead Elvis.

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