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Dead Elvis
Michael Jackson in his CPP Life

Michael Jackson

It has always been the dream of Michael Jackson to be the first great white hope in professional basketball. The plastic surgery was incredibly expensive and the bone grafts were....Let's just say that if not for the immense size of his estate the screams would have kept the neighbors awake many an hour.

In the case of Mr. Jackson he did not wish to fake his own death. At the time of his proposed "death", Mr. Jackson had no children or spouse. In order to avoid the embarrassment of leaving a fortune to a monkey and paying a forty to eighty percent inheritance tax, he concocted the plan to have his favorite chimp surgically transformed to replace himself.

In the early years of the chimp's acclimatization to life as a human there were some gender orientation problems. Really you shouldn't blame Mr. Jackson for the rumors of misbehavior. It was only the antics of a gender confused chimp. After reorientation the surgically altered chimp has been able to lead a normal and productive family life. Quite the athlete in bed we're told.

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