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Dead Elvis
"Greed Chokes

The creators of this website have a different name for it and a different slogan. They say it's "The Mega-Merger between High Finance and High Society". I call it "The Merger Between High Greed and High-Sarcasm." The disdain which the creators of this website hold for the human race is only exceeded by their greed.

Visitors to this website may think of themselves as 'rams' going in to look over the ewes.

We may think of visitors to this website as 'goats' heading off to do whatever it is 'goats' do while they are standing around in the field by themselves.

But, we all know them to be sheep heading in to be sheared.

This website is sited for crimes against humanity by being too good an example of 'baaaaaad' marketing by treating its clientele as sheep for the shearing.

By combining high-level stock quoting systems with pornography these folks hope to target the fastest growing demographic of chumps on the web: men with spendable income over $50,000. Hey, guys I guess they've got your number. I'm just sorry that our financial future as a nation is in your hands -- at least when other things aren't.

Yours truly,
Dead Elvis

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